Age Test Preparations and Older Driver Assessor

Age Test Preparations

At Defence Driving School, we assist older drivers by:

  • Highlighting the necessary skills and driving techniques required to pass the test
  • Eliminating any bad habits which may have developed over the years

Older Driver Assessor

When you reach 85 years of age, in addition to the annual medical examination, you are required to pass a practical driving assessment every second year (age 85, 87, 89 etc) to retain your unrestricted driver licence. If you no longer require an unrestricted driver licence you can opt for a modified licence without the need for a practical driving assessment. If you need to retain your full driver licence you are required to pass a practical driving assessment. This assessment can be done either through the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) or through Defence Driving School Sydney. At Defence Driving School we have an RMS accredited assessor who can conduct the assessment for you in a friendly and relaxing environment. There is also no limit on the number of driving assessments you can take with a Defence Driving School assessor.