Driving Lessons

At Defence Driving School each driving lesson is structured. Each Defence Driving School student receives a Progress Record Sheet to keep track of their progress.  It is a structured program designed to ensure complete tuition in all aspects of driving.  It covers all the skills and topics needed from first time beginners to licence test stage.  This program ensures to establish a partnership between the student, driver trainer and parent/supervising driver.

Pretest Preparation

In order for learner drivers to sit for the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)  practical driving test they must:

  • Be at least 17 years of age
  • Learners under the age of 25 years must also complete at least 120 hours of supervised driving and recorded in their log book.  This also includes at least 20 hours of night driving.

Every Defence Driving School student is given a practice driving test to ensure they are a safe and confident driver and have the necessary skills to pass the driving test.

1 for 3 Log Book Hours

A one hour driving lesson with a Defence Driving School instructor will count as 3 hours in the learner driver log book in NSW.  You are allowed a maximum of 10 lesson hours to be recorded as 30 hours in your log book.  These 30 hours will count towards the minimum 120 hours you are required to complete. Of these 120 hours you are also required to complete at least 20 hours of night driving.  Learner drivers over the age of 25 years are exempt from completing the learner driver log book.

Defence Driving School Service Areas

Defence Driving School provides qualified and experienced driving instructors throughout Sydney. See all the areas we offer driving lessons to below:

For more information on lessons, contact us on (02) 9858 1161 or enquiries@defencedrivingschool.com.au